Tuesday, 13 May 2014

All the small things #2


I have decided to make this a bit of a regular thing as I have found myself out hacking, or in the middle of revision, or quite typically anywhere, thinking of more little things about Pea that make me smile. So, here are my next five!

#1: There's a sort of gap in the hedge out hacking and no matter how many times he goes through it he still freaks out over it! He has to properly slow down and look once he gets to 'the other side' despite the fact it's exactly the same! 

#2: He really doesn't know what to make of little Shetlands! He finally got used to Mitch but she's now unfortunately been put down, yet after nearly 6 years of hacking past the mini's he still freaks out and won't go anywhere near them! We've also got a new Shetland and he saw him the other day and just stood there, refusing to move! 

#3: He's so well behaved lunging now! I can do it twice a week or once a month and he obediently goes out on the circle and doesn't misbehave. He used to do one or two circles then stop and face me refusing to move, but after spending over 10 minutes one day just flicking the lunge whip at him with him facing me bucking and rearing he seems to have finally realised that I mean business! 

#4: His little annoyance he occassionally has with his feed bucket. I use the tub trug ones so they've got the highish sides which is a good thing because he has a habit of kicking it often with his head still in the bucket...

#5: There's a hill at the front of his field (well there's lots) but when I turn him out and he wants a roll, he'll go half away up the hill and roll. When he first did it, he freaked out when he rolled over and was coming down the hill, but now he seems to love it! Must be a lot of effort though! 

I still have plenty more and seem to keep adding so there will be more another time! 

Thanks for reading!
Laura xx

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